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Decor your doll house with many options of colors, windows, top, garden and more. It could be your perfect doll house so make a nice one.
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Ever since Maria enters for the fashion designing and interior decoration course she has a dream to design and decorate her own town bazaar. Can you help her?
Played : 3773   Fans : 0
You can decorate very nice lake house as you like. you can make your home by the water a comfortable retreat.
Played : 3852   Fans : 0
Dollhouse decorating is the ultimate test of your creativity. Dollhouses might be a site for child play but making them look attractive and play worthy is challenging.
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Arrange the pink dollhouse any way you like.
Played : 8406   Fans : 0
Decorate this night-set dollhouse!
Played : 6098   Fans : 0
The view is glorious, but where will you sit to enjoy it?
Played : 10900   Fans : 4